CEP In Action Heidi Pruess

Lead the State of the Environment Report, Mecklenburg  County, NC Project 

Mecklenburg County produces a State of the Environment Report biennially. The State of the Environment Report (SOER) has been produced since 1987, initiated as a description of data results. Evolving the SOER to provide data trends and recommendations has been possible due to the cooperation of numerous department staff and the integration of outcome oriented communications. The SOER is a tool for understanding our environmental condition while identifying strategies for ensuring that we have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink, and healthy land on which to live and recreate. We have taken the opportunity, through the SOER, to encourage involvement from our residents and local officials to become a part of helping to make Mecklenburg County a Sustainable Community. In my role as editor of the SOER, I have been able to utilize my network of CEP peers as resources in making this report a successful asset for the Mecklenburg County community.

Member Profile

Name:  Heidi Pruess, CEP
Title: Environmental Policy Administrator
CEP Since:  2006
Functional Area:  Environmental Operations
Company: Mecklenburg County, Land Use and Environmental Services
Location: Charlotte, NC
Expertise: Environmental Sustainability

On the Importance of Being a CEP

Credible credentialing for environmental professionals in the area of Sustainability is a scarce and valuable asset. Employers seeking to be the best and truly set themselves apart from others will seek out credentialed professionals to be on their staff. Being a CEP has afforded me with a strong code of ethics and credible credential that has ably matched my work with those employers that are seeking the same.