CEP In Action Elizabeth Ellis

On the Job - Washington Coastal Observation Surveys

Elizabeth Ellis, CEP Co-Lead the Washington Coastal Zone Management Pilot Project. She is an active volunteer and conducts surveys for the Coastal Observation and Seabird Observation Survey (COASST) in Washington State.

Washington Coastal Zone Management Pilot Project, Olympia Washington- Department of Natural Resources (DNR) participation in the Washington Coastal Zone Management Pilot project. For over a year, DNR has been participating with the State Ecology and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife agencies in a CZM pilot program. The current CZM Program for Washington state is run by Ecology and the six enforceable policies do not represent any DNR laws or statutes. The role of DNR in this pilot is to review projects, see if they are on state-owned aquatic land, provide any comments if needed, and coordinate with Ecology and  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife if necessary through the determination of federal consistency.

Member Profile

Name:  Elizabeth (Liz) Ellis, CEP
Title: Environmental Planner
CEP Since:  2010
Functional Area:  Environmental Planning
Company: Washington Dept. of Natural Resources, Aquatic Resources Program, Policy Unit
Location: Olympia, Washington
Expertise: NEPA/SEPA, FERC, environmental permitting, natural resource management, T&E species, harbor areas

On the Importance of Being a CEP

I have worked hard to develop a combination of competitive and professional-level education and experience spanning nearly two decades working with state and federal government agencies. Becoming certified by a panel of my peers validates this effort. It is the icing on the cake.