CEP In Action Donald Richardson, PhD

 Donald Richardson, CEP conducts field work at the Spanish River Restoration site.

Spanish River Dune Restoration Project

Spanish River Dune Restoration project is located in Boca Raton, Florida.  The city wanted to prune the existing vegetation to provide a view of the ocean for residents and tourists.  Aspects of the project included the removal of all exotic and nuisance vegetation from all of the view corridors along the beach.  All remediated corridors were planted with native dune species and will be maintained and monitored for FDEP for a period of five years.  Special care was taken to reduce light sources along the corridors in order to minimize sea turtle nesting along the beach. Project Partners: Laurie Milam, Principal of Florida Natives Nursery, Inc., and Vladimir Foursa, Principal of BG Katz, Inc.

Member Profile

Name: Donald Richardson, CEP
Title: President/Owner
CEP Since:  2006
Functional Area: Environmental Assessment
Company: Ecological Consultants, Inc.
Location: Tampa, Florida
Expertise: Plant Ecology, Wetland Surveys, Listed Species Surveys, Land Management, Habitat Creation

On the Importance of Being a CEP

The CEP certification allows me to provide some level of comfort to the FDOT for submital of landscape reports.  It also adds another level of certification on top of my Ph.D. for clients and agencies that require a certification entity for selected projects.  It will benefit my company as a whole during the bidding process for state and federal jobs.  It adds another layer of professionalism to my credentials