CEP In Action Elizabeth Johnson

Lead the Environmental Land Stewardship Program

Elizabeth Johnson, CEP since 2007, worked on the Environmental Land Stewardship Program (ELSP) in Orange County Florida. The ELSP applies to an area of land located in southeast Orange County which is about 33,000 acres in size, and is known as the Innovation Way Overlay. The geographical area of the area is generally bounded by State Road 417 on the west, State Road 528 on the north, the Econlockhatchee River on the east, and the Osceola County line on the south. This land area is designated primarily for rural use in the Future Land Use Element and the Future Land Use Map of the Comprehensive Plan. This means that only one house per ten acres could be built.

In 2005, Orange County Mayor Richard Crotty proposed the vision of a regional high-technology corridor linking the University of Central Florida to the Orlando International Airport.

This high technology corridor concept, vital to the economic growth of the greater Orlando metropolitan area and diversification of the region's economic and employment base, requires higher development densities and intensities than can be accomplished with the rural future land uses that were designated for the Innovation Way Overlay.

Although greater density and intensity of development is necessary to achieve the economic goals of the high technology regional corridor, there are substantial areas of ecologically important lands located within the Innovation Way Overlay, and the need for economic diversification and development must be balanced with the protection of the environment.

The vision for the Innovation Way Overlay incorporates the high technology corridor concept and includes protection of ecologically important lands. This balancing of high technology/high value economic development with environmental protection requires innovative urban form, multimodal transportation concepts and infrastructure, and sustainable development practices.

The primary purpose of the ELSP is to provide protection for the area's environmental resources while allowing opportunities for sustainable economic development.

Member Profile

Name:  Elizabeth Johnson, CEP
Title: Environmental Programs Administrator
CEP Since:  June 2007
Functional Area:  Environmental Documentation
Company: Orange County Government
Location: Orlando Florida
Expertise: Wetlands Regulations, Water Quality

On the Importance of Being a CEP

Being part of ABCEP and a CEP has provided me with professional growth opportunities that otherwise may have not been presented.