ABCEP Mentoring Program

ABCEP Mentoring Program
By Dr. Robert A. Michaels and Jim Yawn, Co-Administrators, ABCEP Mentoring Program
Many of us have been influenced positively by people in our lives.  If a Mentor has been one of those influences, you may already know how powerful that can be.  One of the most valuable benefits of ABCEP membership is the Mentoring Program. 
Serving as a Mentor can be highly rewarding.  For ABCEP it helps to attract member prospects.  It is much appreciated by our Mentees, and provides Mentors annual Certification Maintenance Points. If you have not reviewed our program information, please consider reviewing the ABCEP Mentor and Mentee Handbooks and overviews available at

ABCEP’s Mentoring Program provides CEP candidates a Mentor so they will have support and a point of contact during the application process. The Mentor's role is to be there to support these individuals, and to answer questions so that the applicant has a valuable, personal, and direct link to insights about the application process.  The Mentoring Program also provides the candidate with support for keeping the process moving along.
Mentoring begins with assignment of a Mentor. Mentors then introduce themselves to their Mentee. The Mentor follows up with periodic contacts to see how the candidate is progressing on completing the application, and to respond to questions.  Mentees likewise may contact their Mentors whenever they need assistance or insight.  Mentors also are provided to CEP-ITs upon request.

Some benefits of requesting a Mentor or becoming one may include:
  • Mentoring helps the Mentee and Mentor recognize their abilities and limitations, thereby highlighting areas for future development.
  • Mentoring helps prompt thought about career development and career potential.
  • Mentoring can help increase the motivation of both the Mentee and the Mentor.
  • The Mentee can gain new direction or perspective, and the Mentor feels a sense of accomplishment when their Mentee succeeds.
  • Mentoring can help to enhance communication skills.
  • Mentors and Mentees may benefit from talking with a younger or older colleague.
  • Mentoring constitutes a networking opportunity.
Please feel free to contact ABCEP at with any questions regarding the Mentoring Program, if you would like to be a Mentor, or if you would like to have a Mentor assigned to you.
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