Certification Maintenance

Annual certification maintenance is required to remain a CEP or CEP-IT in good standing and has two parts - membership dues and maintenance hours. 

Under the Certification Maintenance Program, the CEP, CEP-IT or CEP by Eminence status of an environmental professional will lapse unless he or she remains active in the field. The program is set up so that CEPs earn hours and continuing education units (CEUs) for professional activities such as those listed below:
  • Employment, consulting, or teaching;
  • Continuing education activities (seminars or trainings);
  • Participation in or attendance at industry conferences;
  • Service on environmentally-related boards and committees; or
  • Publishing papers in peer-reviewed journals.

CEPs/CEP-ITs can lose their CEP/CEP-IT status and be de-certified based on any of the following:
Unethical behavior,
Non-payment of fees, 
Non-reporting of activities,
Insufficient professional development activities.

Annual Membership Requirements
CredentialDuesMaintenance HoursRemarks
CEP$200 40Annually update contact information
CEP by Eminence$200 40Annually update contact information
CEP In-Training$6020Annual Plan updated with Mentor
CEP Emeritus$00Volunteer to ABCEP encouraged

Annual maintenance dues by December 31 of each year.
Annual maintenance hours subject to audit.
Track your 2020 annual maintenance hours here.

Track your 2020 annual maintenance hours here.


Certified Environmental Professionals must undertake 40 hours of continuing professional development credit each year to maintain their certification (20 hours for CEP In-Training). The credited hours are tabulated beginning on January 1 after the date that a CEP's initial certification has been approved, and ending on the following December 31. For most professionals, 20 hours are earned for full-time employment. The remaining 20 hours may be earned at any time during the year for activities listed in the table provided on the maintenance form. Persons who work part-time or who have a break in their employment should calculate their hours earned using the formula listed in the table. If the material contained in the form is unclear or does not appear to substantiate the minimum number of hours needed to maintain certification, the Academy will contact the person submitting the form to ensure that the submitted form accurately reflects activities undertaken over the past year. Hours of continuing professional development are awarded based on the material included in these submissions. CEPs must keep records that substantiate the claims made in this form and must provide them for review if asked by ABCEP auditors. 
ABCEP CEP Maintenance Hours List
Employment - Full Time-20
Employment - Part Time1% of hours worked 20
Support ABCEP - TrusteeHours Worked 16
Support ABCEP - Certification Review BoardHours Worked 16
Support ABCEP - MentorHours Worked 16
Support ABCEP - OtherHours Worked 16
Education - Attend Accredited Seminar/Course100% Hours Attended18
Education - Attend Conference50% Hours Attended12
Serve Pro Organizations - Serve an OrganizationHours Worked 16
Serve Pro Organizations - Publish in a JournalHours Worked 12
Serve Pro Organizations - Teach Course/SeminarHours Worked 6
Serve Pro Organizations - Present Paper at ConferenceHours Worked 6
Serve Pro Organizations - Mentor50% of Hours Worked4
Certified This Year-0
RETIRING?...CEP Emeritus Program:
If you are a CEP and are retiring or have retired from the environmental profession you may apply for Emeritus Status.
Submit the Emeritus Status Form.
Once approved; you may use the honorific of CEP Emeritus indicating retired status.
Should an CEP Emeritus want to reacquire the CEP certification; you must petition the Board for approval. 
Paying by check?
If your firm is processing your payment please send to: Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals, PO Box 460 Collingswood, NJ 08108.