The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP) administers the Certified Environmental Professional (CEP) Program. This program provides eligible environmental professionals who possess special qualifications of education, experience, and accomplishment with the opportunity to be judged by a board of peers, and if they qualify, to be recognized for their accomplishments. ABCEP is a member of the Council of Engineering and Scientific Specialty Boards (CESB), which is the national organization responsible for accrediting engineering and technology certification programs.

The mentoring program provides candidates for the CEP a Mentor so they have support and a point of contact during their application process. The Mentor's role is to be there for these individuals and to answer questions so that the applicant has a valuable, personal, and direct link to insight about the application process." The mentoring program also provides the candidate with support for keeping the process moving along. Mentoring begins with the assignment of a Mentor to each candidate. when making assignments there is an attempt to match mentor and candidate geographically. Mentors contact the candidates, let them know who they are and why they called. The Mentor makes periodic contacts to see how the candidate is progressing on completing the application and to see if there are any questions.

The ABCEP Mentoring Program is a great resource for CEP-IT or the CEP candidates. Some benefits for either selecting a mentor or becoming one include
  • Mentoring helps both the Mentee/Applicant and the Mentor recognition their abilities and limitations, thus highlighting areas for future development.
  • Mentoring helps prompt thought about career development and career potential.
  • Mentoring can help increase the motivation of both the Mentee/Applicant and the Mentor.
  • The Mentee/Applicant can gain new direction or perspective while the mentor feels a sense of achievement when their Mentee/Applicant succeeds.
Mentoring can help you develop communication skills. Mentor and Mentee/Applicant can gain in the experience of talking to a younger or older colleague; and could help the Mentor interact better with immediate colleagues. Mentoring is also a networking opportunity.

The Mentee/Applicant may find themselves in a position where they are looking for a career change or new position.

Please CONTACT ABCEP if you have any questions regarding MentorLINK or if you would like to have a mentor assigned to help you through the application process.

Mentee/Applicant Information:
Review the Mentee Overview and Refer to ABCEPs Mentee Manual.

Mentor Information:
Review the Mentor Overview and Refer to ABCEPs Mentor Manual.