The Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP) administers the Certified Environmental Professional In Training (CEP-IT) Program which prepares those pursuing advancement in the environmental profession. Those individuals awarded the Certified Environmental Professional credential may use the designation "CEP-IT" after their name.


The Applicant must possess a Bachelor's Degree and from one - five years of applicable professional environmental experience. If accepted as a CEP-IT and the professional maintains the certification for a minimum of three years; acquires at least 5 years in a position of responsible charge and/or supervision the professional would be eligible to apply for their CEP (for more information refer to the chart below). Responsible charge is defined as: the direction of environmental work by an environmental professional (you) to the extent that successful completion of the work is dependent on your decisions made without advice or approval of others. Responsible supervision is defined as: the supervision of another professional person's work by an environmental professional (you) to the extent that you assume the professional responsibility for the work. A Master's Degree may be substituted for one year of the nine years of professional experience and a Doctorate may be substituted for two of the nine years of professional experience. However, no such substitution will apply to the requirement for the five years in responsible charge and/or responsible supervision. Degrees claimed must be from a fully accredited college or university (certified transcripts are required).

Initiate an on-line application for CEP-IT by clicking on APPLY NOW below.

Send in your non-refundable $75.00 application fee. You may send a check or you may pay on-line. If you pay on-line select the PayNow button on the payment page and use either your paypal account or your credit card. Once your application fee has been paid and processed by the Executive Administrator you will be notified by e-mail that you may proceed with the on-line application.

Login on-line and proceed with your existing application. Complete your Education and Background and Work Experience.   When you have finished your application and uploaded a copy of your transcripts and your signed ethics agreement; you will have completed your application and may submit the application to the Executive Administrator.

Proceed to the References tab and click the Add a Reference Button in the Current Reference Status Box.  Enter the reference information for each of your professional colleagues in the Edit Reference box; when done click Save.  Click the Send Reference Upload Email button.  Follow-up with your references regularly. Some applicants prefer to use e-mail to request letters of recommendation from their professional colleagues.  If you would rather send your professional colleagues a reference request letter via e-mail yourself; Click below at Sample > Reference Request Letter for a sample that you can print/e-mail.

If you are applying for CEP-IT you do NOT have to prepare essay questions. Only those applying for CEP must complete essay questions. Once all application materials are received; your application will be forwarded for review by the Executive Administrator.

Once the Executive Administrator receives the letters of recommendation and other application materials your application will be reviewed and the qualifications of each applicant verified by the Executive Administrator. In order to be verified complete; all information in your application must be complete, all transcripts uploaded; and letters of recommendation must be received by ABCEP. You are responsible for getting the transcripts uploaded and letters of recommendation information to ABCEP within one year of the application fee payment.  ABCEP notifies each applicant of their certification review status.  Upon notification of certification and your $75.00 certification fee has been paid; your certificate will be processed by the Executive Administrator.

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Reference Request Letter
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Body of Knowledge


Please CONTACT ABCEP if you have any questions regarding the CEP-IT Program or if you would like to have a mentor assigned to help you through the application process.

As soon as a CEP-IT's application is deemed completed, the Executive Administrator will notify the chair of the Mentor Committee who will assign a CEP mentor to that individual. The mentoring program provides candidates for the CEP-IT know they have support and a point of contact during their application process. The mentor's role is to be there for these individuals and to answer questions so that they do not lose interest in pursuing the CEP-IT. The CEP-IT may contact the mentor as needed to discuss progress, to solicit feedback regarding the CEP-ITs career, and to obtain suggested opportunities for growth.

If an individual receives a CEP-IT and maintains the status for at least three years, CEP requirements for total experience are reduced by one year. The minimum number of years in a position of responsible charge and/or responsible supervision required for CEP certification would not be reduced.

Example: A person with a bachelor's degree and from 0-5 years of experience applies for a CEP-IT. After maintaining the CEP-IT for 3 years, if the person has a total of 8 years of experience with at least 5 years in a position of responsible charge and/or supervision, the person could apply for the CEP. Without having the CEP-IT the person would have to wait an additional year.
Education LevelYears of Experience Required to Apply for CEP
CEP Application without CEP-ITNon SupervisorySupervisoryTotal
CEP-IT for 3 years   
Those CEP applicants who are not certified because of a lack of experience will be offered the option of becoming a CEP-IT.

Each applicant is evaluated by the Executive Administrator. The Executive Administrator is responsible for determining the qualifications of each applicant and grants or denies CEP-IT certification based upon the information provided.

The Academy and the certification program are operated in accordance with federal policies, which prohibit discrimination on the basis of race, color, sex, age, handicap, religion, or national origin.

The applicant must subscribe to the ABCEP Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice for Environmental Professionals.

Please CONTACT ABCEP if you have any questions regarding the CEP IT Program.

Electronic newsletter. 
Access to CEP website. 
Access to CEP Board meetings.
Notices of CEP member meetings. 
Notification to existing and potential employers that the CEP-IT is recognized by the environmental profession. 
Better understanding of the environmental profession. 
Contacts that will reduce effort needed to become a CEP. 
Enhanced personal qualifications on proposals submitted to clients. 
Enhanced opportunities to participate on ABCEP committees and at ABCEP events. 
Authorization by ABCEP to put CEP-IT on business cards, resumes, and signature title. 
Increased salary for organizations that reward staff with professional certifications. 
Increased potential for career advancement.

Additional details about the CEP can be found here.