Newly Certified

Jennifer Lundberg, CEP, Chair of the Certification Review Board, is pleased to announce the certification of the following new Certified Professionals in 2021.
Ryan Davis, CEP-IT
Certified: January 15, 2021

Ryan Davis completed both his undergraduate and graduate degree at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. His graduate research was within the Comparative Biological Risk Assessment Lab under Dr. Robert KD Peterson. The focus of the research was insecticide and human health risks related to mosquito control products. Ryan graduated with a Master‘s of Science Degree in Entomology. While working in the graduate research lab, Ryan learned some important skills related to air quality dispersion modelling and joined the consulting world in 2007 as an air quality specialist with ICM which is an ethanol plant design firm. After leaving ICM, Ryan started his tenure at Electrical Consultants, Inc (ECI) which is a nationwide T&D engineering firm. For his first 6 years at ECI he worked as an environmental planner and permitting lead working on transmission line, substation and renewable environmental projects. In 2014, he was promoted to lead the environmental team at ECI. He currently oversees the environmental group comprised of project managers and GIS specialists at the company.

Digser Abreu, CEP-IT
Certified: January 14, 2021

Digser Abreu is currently a Senior Environmental Planner with the NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA). She focuses on overseeing the NEPA, SEQRA, and CEQR reviews for new construction and rehabilitation projects which leverage public-private partnerships. She helps secure billions in funding for energy efficiency improvements and health and safety upgrades through her role. Outside of NYCHA, Digser works alongside city and community planners and architects to support initiatives that enable quick recovery and resilience. Digser is involved in preserving public housing, creating affordable housing, and increasing community autonomy through strategies that uplift and build local capacity.