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January-February 2019 Certified Environmental Professional 
  • Awards, awards, awards – get your applications in before February 28, 2019
  • A CRB Vice Chair
  • Brush up on your ethics with the second article in the series - What is the Basis for Our Ethics?
 May-June-July-August 2018 Certified Environmental Professional 
Like the summer breezes, this edition is light and airy. Check out the first in a series of articles in Ethics and refresh your summer safety tips before heading out to the beach or to your mountain retreat. We’ll see you back in September-October with a focus on CEPs in Transportation!

March-April 2018 Certified Environmental Professional 
  • Applaud the 2018 Kramer and Emerging Professional Award winners for 2018
  • Find out what it means to be a mentor – you do make a difference!
  • Learn about a new GIS-based tool for conducting the NEPA process
 January-February 2018 Certified Environmental Professional 
  • Maintaining Your Status as a Certified Environmental Professional – a reprint of Richard Burke’s article from December - this should be at the front of everyone’s mind as we kick off a new year along with the NAEP Annual Conference being just around the corner
  • Speaking of the NAEP Annual Conference – stop by the ABCEP booth and say hello – check out our new banner! (see page 2)
  • 2017 Year in Review – our numbers are growing! (see page 12)
  • and don’t forget – we want to publish your articles (see page 5). Calling all you “NEPA-nerds” -  your opportunity to shine is in the March-April edition. (see page 3)
 December 2017 Certified Environmental Professional 
  • Richard Burke, longstanding member of the BOT, provides a ‘tutorial’ of sorts on tracking your maintenance hours to maintain your CEP certification
  • Learn how environmental professionals are ‘managing’ the Skagit River in Washington State
  • Meet our newest Board Member
  • See what’s in store for the 2018 Newsletter
September 2017 Certified Environmental Professional 

August 2017 Certified Environmental Professional
  • Meet the newest Trustee
  • Checkout the upcoming focus topics – get your articles submitted!
  • Learn about technologies to address greenhouse gas emissions
  • Get your questions answered regarding Emergency Engines
  • Submit an application for our 2018 Emerging Environmental Professional and Kramer Awards – deadline February 1, 2018
June-July 2017 Certified Environmental Professional

April-May 2017 Certified Environmental Professional
  • An introduction from ABCEP’s new President
  • 2017 Emerging Professional and Kramer Award recipients
  • An approach to Habitat Conservation on public lands
March 2017 Certified Environmental Professional
February 2017 Certified Environmental Professional
Water quality is important to us all – check out a case study from Florida. We also share some history on the CEP Credential and certification process.   
January 2017 Certified Environmental Professional
  • Board of Trustees elections are underway
  • 2016 Year in Review
  • Still accepting nominations for this year’s Emerging Environmental Professional and Kramer awards
December 2016 Certified Environmental Professional

October / November 2016 Certified Environmental Professional

 August / September 2016 Certified Environmental Professional

TRANSPORTATION – we deal with it on a daily basis. Check out the August-September edition of The Environmental Professional for a few statistics, articles, and insight provided by our members regarding transportation projects, policy, and processes.  

June / July  2016 Certified Environmental Professional
ABCEP invites you to read our most recent newsletter with a focus on Climate Change.

May 2016 Certified Environmental Professional
ABCEP Board of Trustees congratulates Jennifer Lundberg, recipient of 2016 Richard J. Kramer Award; the Environmental Excellence award was established by the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals (ABCEP) to recognize extraordinary achievements of individuals in the environmental profession. 

January / February 2016 Certified Environmental Professional
Our profession, like any other I suppose, must be positioned to change with it. Policy and regulatory changes, societal changes, and mood swings of the roughly seven and a half billion people that we share this planet with, cause us to be continually vigilant in balancing the needs of the people with the needs of the planet that we share.  .....   Read more about environmental professionals at the forefront of our industry in the Presidents Message

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